You are a mobile user and you've just received a new checklist. Here is how you can send responses:

1. On the homepage, you can see some of your checklists and click on More to see all of them.

2. On the Checklists page, you can see all your checklists:

  • Checklists with an objective show the progress towards the objective:

    • In-store checklists show the number of stores covered

    • User feedback checklists show the number of responses sent

  • You can filter them using the button on the top right and use the search bar to search for a specific checklist.

3. Click on the checklist for which you want to send a response, you'll land on the checklist page that displays information about it.

4. If it's an in-store checklist, you'll have to choose the store where you want to send a response. The progress towards the objective is shown on each store.

5. Fill out your checklist with your answers.

6. Once you're satisfied with your answers, you can send your response.

You can access all your responses by clicking on the button shown below.

Here you'll see all your responses:

  • Your drafts that you can complete and send

  • Your sent responses

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